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Would you like to improve the online presence of your business by utilizing Google-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising techniques to rank higher in search results and bring more customers to your website and your business?

Consider that I'm just one individual with a typical marketing budget, yet by employing Google-friendly SEO techniques, my business and its reviews appear at or near the top of many search results in both Google and Yelp, and as a result I have far more clients.

I can do the same for you, your website, and your business. If you're interested in growing and improving the online presence of your business, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary phone consultation and analysis of your site's SEO, as well as other aspects of your online presence. (With no sales pitch and no outsourcing!)

How I Can Help You

I can provide you with better SEO than others who charge far more because effective, Google-friendly SEO is a product of knowledge, labor, and "playing by the rules", not a function of money spent. The Internet is fundamentally a level playing field where Google rewards quality of effort, not quantity of dollars expended.

Your website and your other online business listings don't have to be fancy or flashy in order to rank highly. In fact, Google strongly favors substance over style. As with most worthwhile endeavors, the SEO process requires thorough understanding and a substantial amount of work. The objective is to build a broad, positive, highly-visible Internet presence that brings more customers to your website and to your business.


Unlike many others, I don't promise or guarantee specific SEO results (for example, "guaranteed first page of Google"). That would be unethical, misleading, and a disservice to you. What I can tell you is that the Internet presence of your website and your business will improve significantly (unless it's already at or near the top, in which case you might not need better SEO, although your site and its online presence might benefit from some good analysis and improvement in other areas).

I can do all of your SEO and Internet Marketing for you or - if you prefer - teach you how to do your own. Either way, you always know exactly what's occurring with your SEO efforts, and precisely how your money's being spent.

Avoiding The SEO Scams

Many SEO companies and individuals promise a lofty first-page position for your website in Google organic search results. Such claims typically are intended only to separate you from your money. No one can legitimately promise or guarantee specific results. And paying more doesn't mean you receive better results. In fact, many people spend small fortunes for SEO and receive virtually no results at all. Keep in mind that Google rewards you for the quality of your effort, not for how much money you spend.

Do you notice how many SEO companies claim to be #1 on their websites and in their advertising? Yet their only customer reviews are on their own sites. If a business is really good, they want you to read what their clients say about them on independent review sites such as Google reviews and Yelp. But many SEO companies deliberately avoid having a Google My Business (GMB) listing or a Yelp business listing because they don't want you to know what their actual clients really think of them.

Many of my SEO clients come to me because they're looking for someone good, honest, and ethical after being cheated out of their of money by one or more SEO "experts" who either vastly overcharge (often to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars annually!), or use enticing lowball pricing techniques. In either scenario, typically little or no effective SEO is performed. And cheap, poor-quality, cost-cutting (and corner-cutting) outsourcing is common among them, even if that's not disclosed to you.

A Word About My Fees

I'm upfront about my fees, which typically vary from $500 to $5,000 or more depending upon the type, scope, and complexity of the work involved. I know that can sound expensive, especially if you're not familiar with the SEO process, or if you haven't discussed prices with other SEO professionals (and those who claim to be). I do all of the SEO myself, with no gimmicks or automated shortcuts (which are penalized by Google), and no outsourcing. I also offer payment options to help accommodate you and your budget, so please feel free to openly discuss pricing with me.

I can provide exceptional references, recommendations, and reviews attesting to the quality of my work. (I think my clients say it best ... please read the reviews I receive on Google and Yelp.)


Feel welcome to contact me at your convenience for a complimentary, no obligation (and no sales pitch) phone consultation and analysis to discuss your individual needs and goals.

Whether your website and your business need effective Google-friendly SEO, or your present online efforts leave something else to be desired, give me a call. I can help provide you with a very nice boost.

Thanks for your interest ... I look forward to working with you.

Joel K.
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